No website is perfect from the get-go. Whether you need to fix a bug or improve a design, meeting your client’s standards always requires updates. To make these changes happen, you need a way for your clients and team members to communicate what needs to get done.

A website feedback and bug tracking tool is the solution you need. This type of software helps your clients give better feedback and report bugs as they occur, all in one central place.

However, not all bug tracking and website feedback tools are made equal. As your agency starts to compare different tools, looking out for the most helpful features is key to helping your business succeed. Here are four features you should consider for your feedback and bug capture tool.


SimpleStage Bug Tracking Tips Infographic


1. Technical Detail Capture

When your clients report an issue on your website, they may be experiencing an error that’s unique to their browser or device. Understanding the context of an issue can help you effectively solve it in a timely manner.

Choosing a bug tracking tool that automatically captures the technical details of an issue can help you and your clients save time. Our SimpleStage software, for example, includes details like browser information, screen size, and pixel density with every report. Clients don’t have to manually enter details, which can speed up your bug reporting process and reduce human error.

Another way that automatic capture can help you save time is by reducing redundancies. When two issue reports roll in with the same technical details, you can condense your tasks into one. This way, your agency won’t work twice as hard to respond to client feedback or bug reports.

2. Automatic Screenshots

Visual context can help your agency resolve issues faster, too. When your feedback and bug capture tool supports automatic screenshots, you can see exactly what’s happening on their screens.

Purely written feedback can be confusing. For example, if your client tells you that a header image appears too low on their homepage, “low” can mean different things to different people. With visual context, you could see that the image appears below the fold on your client’s browser. This insight would allow you to confidently adjust your design to meet your client’s expectations.

Bug capture tools like SimpleStage instantly take screenshots of your website as clients submit feedback or bug reports. Neither you nor your client have to lift a finger to get this extra (and immensely helpful) context.

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3. Screenshot Markup Capabilities

Want to take visual context a step further? Look for a website feedback tool that allows clients to mark up your screenshots as they review your site.

With bug capture tools like our SimpleStage app, your clients can add arrows, lines, text, and other annotations each time they report a bug or submit feedback. This can lead to more valuable client feedback, since clients can more thoroughly explain their thoughts — even when they don’t have the words to do so.

4. Task Management Solutions

When clients make a request through your feedback and bug tracking tool, you need a way to make it actionable for your agency. But manually creating tasks on a separate project management platform is a hassle for your team. Ideally, you should look for a website feedback tool that offers built-in task management solutions, so you can streamline your processes.

SimpleStage is a feedback and bug capture tool that instantly adds tasks to a Kanban board as they’re created. There’s no need to train your clients or team members to use a separate tool, and you don’t have to set up an integration. Once tasks appear on your board, you can categorize, assign, and complete them with ease.

Choose a Powerful Website Feedback and Bug Tracking Tool

Every website feedback tool offers unique features that can help agencies succeed. However, some feedback and bug tracking tools are more powerful than others. Seeking software that automatically collects technical details and screenshots, and supports screenshot markups, can help you get the context you need to quickly resolve issues.

Additionally, look for a website feedback tool that offers task management solutions. This way, you can keep every report as actionable and organized as can be.

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