When you meet with a potential client, you do your best to cover all your bases. You tell them about your business, answer all of their questions, explain why your team is the best option, but sometimes nerves or distractions get in the way of giving your best pitch. Here is where an effective agency pitch decks come into play.

A creative agency pitch deck contains critical information about your business and highlights everything you want a potential client to know about your business. It’s a presentation explaining what a business can offer to potential clients, detailing the services and products you  offer and the benefits clients will likely get from the said products and services. When written with intention and designed professionally, a pitch deck will increase a business’s credibility before clients make a purchase decision.


Creative Agency Pitch Deck Example

What to include in your agency pitch deck?

– Vision and Value proposition

A pitch deck for a marketing agency needs to be guided by a clear vision. This may include a few sentences giving an overview of the business and benefits guaranteed to all customers. It should be short and precise, probably having 140 characters. In addition, we recommend including your value proposition, which according to HubSpot is “a short statement that communicates why buyers should choose your products or services. It’s more than just a product or service description — it’s the specific solution that your business provides and the promise of value that a customer can expect you to deliver.”

– Problem Statement

Within your pitch deck, you have the opportunity to identify a problem that needs to be solved for your client, highlight some of the existing solutions to the identified problem, and explain why there is a need to explore alternative solutions.  Try making the whole problem as authentic as possible by even telling a relatable story, as this will help your audience understand your business goals.

– Solution

After identifying the problem your business intends to solve, it’s crucial to present a framework for solving it. You can do this by highlighting how your product or service addresses the identified problem(s) and how existing customers are using them. You can include stories, short video clips, and pictures describing your solutions.

– Teams

The success of any business or company is dependent on the effective use of teams to execute various tasks. Thus, an efficient pitch deck highlights critical team members, their successes from previous workplaces, and their essential expertise and experience relevant for their current positions. Even if the teams are incomplete, it is vital to highlight the available team members and how they are critical to solving the problem identified.

– Past Client’s Portfolio

There is a need to highlight the project that your creative agency has undertaken in the recent past to showcase to the potential client that you are not new to the field. Here you need to outline the past projects you have undertaken recently with other customers and remember to include the review of existing clients, as this helps increase your credibility and trust among potential customers. Thus, increasing your chances of being hired by a potential client. Your portfolio also shows that you can successfully and efficiently complete the project since you are familiar with it, having done it for other clients.

– List of Services Offered

In designing a pitch deck, you need to include the list of services that your business offers to its clients. The importance of highlighting the services you offer is that your potential client is likely to hire you for more than one service based on your services to the market. A list of various services provided also shows that you have a wide range of expertise in your industry and thus increases your credibility above your competitors. Hence, increasing your chances of being hired by your potential clients or getting referrals.

– Social Proof

It is always good to include social proof from your existing clients as it helps build your credibility and trust with the new leads. You can consist of success stories of past pitching campaigns, past work, and testimonials from existing customers and partners. Social proof is crucial because you back up the narrative you sell to potential clients. It also boosts the prospect’s confidence in deciding to hire your business.

– Elaborate Call to Action

After presenting other aspects of your pitch deck, the closing remarks are essential for persuading potential clients or investors. Therefore, you need to move your audience to action when finishing your presentation. Your final slide needs to comprise a solid call to action involving you encouraging them to embrace your products or services and your contact information for a follow-up. Always remember that a call to action is more crucial than a THANK YOU slide.

Final Thoughts

A perfect creative agency pitch deck has various crucial elements: vision, list of services problem statements, solutions, social proof, and a solid call to action. All these elements are essential for the success of any pitch deck, and if crafted well, your business is sure to turn leads into clients and investors. Use your pitch deck as a final opportunity to persuade a potential client to choose your business. Be descriptive on how you’ve successfully helped past clients and share their testimonies to boost your credibility.